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A lamp was lit when Adam rose from the clay, took a golden apple into his trembling hand and gazed into a forbidden world he had not before seen. The Gods allotted him six days of creation and no more. Each day is a thousand years, each year a verse in the Torah, each verse a whisper of our fallen fate. The leaves of this fearful book lie on two sides of an ancient grove. An evil serpent drapes the flowing coils of her intoxicating beauty from the tangled branches of the Tree of Knowledge and seduces all those who are destined to die. A flaming sword guards the ten twisted limbs of the tall Tree of Life from desperate trespassers seeking to climb this mysterious ladder to the Gods so that they might live another year beyond the six thousand steps to the grave. In this divided garden, separated by an endless abyss, two giants were bred, angry twins slashing their arms and kicking their feet to tear at each other in their mother’s weary womb. These would father warring tribes who will summons a great storm at the end of time to flood the world with blood and wet the serpent’s thirsty tongue with the scaly souls of her children. The sanguine sea will wash away the empty shells and deposit them into the dark waters of chaos from whence they fell on the first and brightest day. But all of this is but a bad dream from which we must arise and waking open our eyes to see that the Gods Who Hate Us are but an illusion cut from a tattered veil of lies that loses its form and substance in the light of reason and truth. They only have power over us when they are hidden and we are afraid or asleep. This book lifts the rocks under which they hide and lets you see how small, hateful and absurd these writhing worms which dry up in the sunlight truly are.


Second edition. Revised, enlarged and illustrated.

Over two thousand years ago the self-styled “Sons of Light” declared war on the seventy nations of the world, whom they call the “Sons of Darkness”. Hundreds of millions of lives have been lost in this conflict. The Sons of Light believe the contest will only be won when they utterly exterminate the Sons of Darkness. It will never be lost as long as one of the Sons of Light remains to carry on the fight.

The war is mostly fought through deception. Only the Sons of Light know that they are engaged in this endless battle. The Sons of Darkness see the bodies piling up, but search in vain for their enemy, who is as subtle and sly as a holy serpent. Ultimate victory will mean the conquest of the entire Earth. It is close at hand for the Sons of Light. But the war continues and either side may yet win. If the Sons of Light are discovered, all of humanity will be saved. Within this book the battle plans and beliefs of the Sons of Light are revealed for the first time for all to see.

The Sons of Light have tricked the Sons of Darkness into worshiping Satan, whom they believe is an androgyne composed of the demons Lilith and Samael. The gods of the Sons of Light are also androgynous. Their names are Ein Sof, Shekinah and Yahweh.

The Sons of Light are planning to create a Utopia when all is won and all is lost. In it, every human being will be a perfect hermaphrodite with two faces. They will also be immortal and have no need to endure the pain of the cycles of birth, life and death, so there will be no more children and no more death. All the silver, gold and treasure will be theirs and technology will provide their robotic slaves. Since the Sons of Light are all righteous, and since the Sons of Darkness will have passed away together with their dark gods, divine light, peace and harmony will rule the Earth for one thousand years after which all will be complete.

This revised, enlarged and illustrated second edition adds 73 new pages of vital text, 64 endnotes and 2 new pages of illustrations.

An enlightening reexamination of Adolf Hitler’s rise to power which compiles mountains of evidence, including scarce sources and new translations, to explain:

Why Hitler hid the fact that he worked for Kurt Eisner’s revolutionary government and was an elected liaison and propagandist for the Communist Soldiers’ Councils of the Bavarian Soviet Republic.

Why Hitler was a Communist informant, intelligence agent for the Reichswehr and spy.

Why Captain Karl Mayr and General Erich Ludendorff chose Lance Corporal Adolf Hitler to lead an anti-Semitic and anti-Bolshevik National-Socialist party, and how they made him into a “German Joan of Arc”, dangerous demagogue and belligerent dictator.

Why Hitler infiltrated the German Workers’ Party, changed its name to the National Socialist German Workers’ Party and replaced its leader Anton Drexler.

Why Hitler let the British escape at Dunkirk, why he lost the Battle of Britain and why he opposed Operation Sea Lion.

Why Hitler collaborated with the Soviet Union, then attacked it and ensured his own defeat.

Why Hitler, who never declared wars, declared war on America.

Why Hitler wanted Lebensraum in the East as living space for his dead German soldiers.

Why Hitler let Hermann Goering deliberately lose the war he helped Hitler deliberately start.

Why Hitler repeatedly sacrificed his soldiers to the Soviets and provided Stalin with foreknowledge of his plans.

Why Hitler refused to negotiate a peace at war’s end and instead issued the Nero Order calling for the suicidal destruction of Germany by Germans.

 Find the unexpected answers to these and countless other conundrums in the Rosetta Stone of WW II history Adolf Hitler: Bolshevik and Zionist Volume I Communism.


The story would be beyond belief were it not for the indisputable proof documented throughout this forbidden book. The troubling tale, as told within these 600 pages by rabbis, rebbes, pastors, Zionists, Nazis, Holocaust survivors, historians, the Bible, the Talmud and cabalah goes like this:

Adolf Hitler became Chancellor of Germany in 1933. The Nazis and Zionists immediately joined forces to transfer 60,000 of Germany’s 600,000 Jews to Palestine and ultimately took the lives of 6,000,000 Jews. The Zionists kept Hitler in power by obstructing boycotts against German goods. They intervened in the press to prevent the world from knowing what was happening in Germany.

The Babylonian Talmud predicted 1,500 years ago in the tractate Sanhedrin folio 97b that a cruel king would arise from the descendants of Amalek. He would punish the Jews and drive them back to God and to Israel. According to the gematria of Leviticus 25:10, the burnt offering of exactly six million Jews in a Holocaust would redeem the Jewish People and enable them to return to Palestine and build a Jewish nation after nearly two thousand years of exile. This had to happen in the year 1948. The Zionists commissioned this king and set him on the throne of the third German Empire in 1933. He was as harsh as Haman, and like Pharaoh drove the 600,000 Jews of Germany to seek refuge elsewhere. A tenth, 60,000 made it to Palestine through the Transfer Agreement which Theodor Herzl had proposed in 1896. Two-thirds of Europe’s Jews perished and atoned for the sins of Jewry as the Jews were refined and tried in a furnace of affliction. All of this, every number, proportion and date went precisely according to plans iterated in the Tanakh 2,500 years ago. The king bore the Hebrew letter Aleph on his shield in the form of a swastika. It represented Moses and the exodus of the Jews. He carried a snake-like whip in his hand to drive the Jews away. The Babylonian Talmud proclaimed in the tractate Megillah folio 17b that the “wicked” assimilated Jews would all be put to death when the Jews gathered for the last time to enter Israel. Assimilated Jews had threatened to breed the Jews out of existence. They also bred the mixed multitude that had always formed a genocidal army against the Jews. The world was created solely to sustain the Jews so that they could obey the laws given to Moses and repair the world (Shabbat 88a). If Jewry disappeared the imperfect world would disappear together with them. Without Jews living in segregated communities where they could practice the laws of Moses and form a nation of priests to be a light unto the nations, existence itself would cease to exist. So for the good of the whole world, they made this tremendous sacrifice. Then they founded the Nation of Israel in 1948 with the purified remnant.

The Second World War was very much a product of the First World War. The First World War changed the structure of humanity in several quite significant ways. World War I produced the Balfour Declaration granting Palestine to Jewry, Bolshevik Russia and Adolf Hitler screaming for German justice. The “war to end all wars” toppled many thrones and was more an end to aristocracy and empire, than it was to war. The instability World War One generated paved the way for Socialist revolution. The world became disillusioned with the aristocracy, because the Monarchs were blamed for the war which produced horrific loss of life. The assassination of the aristocrat Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria created a conflict between Serbia and Austria. The Russian Tsar backed Serbia in the name of pan-Slavism. The German Kaiser backed Austria in support of pan-Germanism. England’s King George V, Germany’s Kaiser Wilhelm II and Russia’s Tsar Nicholas II were all cousins. On its face, the war appeared to be very much a family fight among the Monarchs, who demonstrated that they were not only unfit to rule, but were a danger to humanity. American President Woodrow Wilson brought America into the war on the side of Great Britain to make the world a “safe place for Democracy”. Bolshevism took hold of Russia after the fall of the Tsar. Wilson hypocritically supported the Communists despite the fact that the Bolsheviks opposed Democracy. America became the dominate force behind the anti-German Allies and bailed out the failing and blood-soaked Soviet Union it had helped to create, despite Wilson’s idealistic talk of freeing the world for the sake of Democracy. Stock Market Capitalism and Federal Reserve dollars covered the war debt and eventually produced the Great Depression, which gave the Socialists and Communists the proof they needed to justify their war on American Capitalism. World War One was a massive Socialist Revolution. Adolf Hitler was a National Socialist who pledged to restore Germany’s honor and prosperity.





For at least the past 2,500 years, prophets, rabbis, religious scholars, journalists, anti-Semites and others have loudly warned the world that two-thirds of the Jewish People would perish in a holocaust. And those were the exact words they used. Religious Jews believed a holocaust would inevitably come, because it was needed to afford Jewry with atonement and redemption, so that the exile would finally come to an end and the messiah would arrive to gather the weary Jews back into Jerusalem. Zionist Jews wanted to prune off the broken branches of the assimilationist Jews they disliked. Zionists welcomed the irresistible incentive for European Jews to emigrate to Palestine. Journalists and anti-Semites felt that retribution would be had against Jews in general for the genocidal massacres that were carried out by the Dönmeh Young Turks against Armenian, Greek and Assyrian Christians; and then for the tens of millions who fell to the Bolsheviks in the former Russian Empire. Jewish relief organizations and Western Jews who were concerned about the plight of Eastern European Jews from 1900-1945 stated over and over again that six million Jews were going to be exterminated in a holocaust. Within this book you will find the primary sources which have openly declared that massive numbers of Jews would die, some of which are hundreds and even thousands of years old. They knew the exact year the Nation of Israel would be founded and stated the precise number of Jews they predicted would be slain. They also knew more than 1,500 years ago, that a king crueler than Haman would emerge to persecute the Jews and drive them back to the Torah and the holy land.





In the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, several prominent Zionists warned that the Jewish People were disappearing due to assimilation and antisemitism. They believed that the best means to preserve the “Jewish race” was to found a new Jewish State. This source book republishes the following foundational texts of these racial Zionists: Mordecai Manuel Noah, Discourse, “Delivered at the Consecration of the Synagogue of [K.k. She’erit Yisra’el] in the City of New-york, on Friday, the 10th of Nisan, 5578, Corresponding with the 17th of April, 1818”, C. S. Van Winkle, New York, (1818); “Discourse on the Evidences of the American Indians Being the Descendants of the Lost Tribes of Israel”, James Van Norden, New York, (1837); “Discourse on the Restoration of the Jews: Delivered at the Tabernacle, Oct. 28 and Dec. 2, 1844”, Harper & Brothers, New York, (1845). Moses Hess, “Rome and Jerusalem: A Study in Jewish Nationalism”, Bloch Publishing Company, New York, (1918). Leo Pinsker, “Auto-Emancipation”, The Maccabaean Publishing Company, New York, (1906). Theodor Herzl, “A Jewish State: An Attempt at a Modern Solution of the Jewish Question”, The Maccabæan Publishing Co., New York, (1904). Israel Zangwill, “The Problem of the Jewish Race”, The Judaen Publishing Company, New York, (1914). Ignatz Zollschan, “Jewish Questions: Three Lectures”, Bloch Publishing Company, New York, (1914). Louis Dembitz Brandeis, “The Jewish Problem: How to Solve It”, Zionist Essays Pub. Committee, New York, (1915). Rabbi Max Reichler, “Jewish Eugenics: A Paper Read Before the New York Board of Jewish Ministers”, Bloch Publishing Company, New York, (1916). Arthur Balfour as quoted in: “Mr. Balfour on Zionism. The Case for a National Home.” London Times, (12 February 1919), page 9.

Mileva Maric was an exceptional young woman in many respects. In an age when most young ladies never dreamed of becoming scientists, Mileva traveled to Switzerland and studied physics. There she met Albert Einstein and married him in 1903. They had already spent many years working together on the Poincaré-Lorentz theory of relativity. Mileva and Albert wrote to each other discussing their team effort to study the theory. Many of these letters have survived. Albert Einstein served as the sounding board for her ideas and helped her by scouring the scientific literature for the latest innovations in the theory. In 1905, the Einsteins published their first paper on the Poincaré-Lorentz theory of relativity. It did not include even a single reference to their predecessors. Mileva submitted this now famous article to Annalen der Physik. Albert took sole credit for it. There is abundant evidence that Mileva Maric, Albert Einstein’s first wife, collaborated with Albert on the production and publication of this and their other famous papers of 1905. Given that they were submitted under her last name “Einstein-Marity”, not his, Mileva may even have been the sole author of the fateful articles which shamelessly plagiarized the works of Henri Poincaré, Hendrik Antoon Lorentz and others.

Albert Einstein had a terrible reputation as a career plagiarist. It was well known among his colleagues that he had plagiarized the special theory of relativity from Hendrik Antoon Lorentz and Jules Henri Poincaré. Einstein desperately sought to distinguish the general theory of relativity as if it were his unique achievement. But his dreams were deflated when David Hilbert deduced and published the generally covariant field equations of the general theory of relativity before Einstein could copy them. In addition, Einstein was immediately accused of plagiarizing Paul Gerber’s formula for the perihelion motion of the planet Mercury and Johann Georg von Soldner’s prediction for the gravitational deflection of a ray of light grazing the limb of the Sun. Even Einstein’s famous thought experiments were appropriated from his predecessors.

Many people mistakenly believe that Albert Einstein discovered space-time. Surprisingly, Einstein initially rejected the space-time theories of Poincaré and Minkowski and harshly criticized the concept of space-time. He had to be persuaded of their worth before he hesitantly adopted these fully developed theories years later. Travel through thousands of years to discover the revolutionary space-time theories of: Ocellus Lucanus, John Locke, David Hume, Henry More, Isaac Newton, Samuel Clarke, Thomas Reid, Jean Le Rond D’Alembert, Roger Joseph Boscovich, Joseph Louis Lagrange, Georg Simon Klügel, Arthur Schopenhauer, Gustav Theodor Fechner, William Rowan Hamilton, Eugen Karl Dühring, Woldemar Voigt, Henri Bergson, Rudolf Mewes, H. G. Wells, James H. Hyslop, G. F. Fitzgerald, Joseph Larmor, H. A. Lorentz, Melchior Palágyi, George Stuart Fullerton, Henri Poincaré, Rudolf Mehmke, Paul Langevin, Roberto Marcolongo, Lady Victoria Welby, R. Hargreaves and Hermann Minkowski. Space-time theories have been quite common in folk-lore, philosophy, mathematics, religion, science, science fiction, psychology, and are even inherent in some languages. The first two chapters provide a thorough documentation of the evolution and completion of the four-dimensional special theory of relativity before Einstein reiterated the same equations and concepts after first rejecting them. The relevant portions of the books and papers of Einstein’s predecessors are republished in the original English, French, German and Italian. The book is 622 pages with 360 endnotes. It is in pdf format and the pages are U.S. letter size 8.5″ x 11″.
Four years before Albert Einstein was born, Samuel Tolver Preston published an amazing book entitled “Physics of the Ether”. In it he set down the now famous formula E = mc2 and thoroughly explained its implications. Preston expressly stated that matter contains a store of energy which if fully utilized could create atomic bombs and atomic energy. He also described superconductivity and asserted that gravity propagates at light speed. Long before Einstein, Preston completely relativized unipolar induction. His works are republished along with commentary and analysis by Christopher Jon Bjerknes who discovered the fact that Preston had anticipated Einstein by many decades and had a better understanding of E = mc2 than Einstein. Albert Einstein mistakenly believed that atomic bombs and atomic energy were impossible to produce.

First released on June 21, 2017, PUTIN’S REIGN OF TERROR: THE PERMANENT REVOLUTION IN OUR TIME exposed the Russian dominance of alternative media, neo-Nazi front organizations and international terrorist networks. The response was immediate and severe. An army of Russian trolls instigated a smear campaign against Christopher Jon Bjerknes and have been stalking him across the web ever since. The book began a broad dialogue among internet personalities about Russian influence campaigns and their corruption of alternative media to favor an anti-Western and anti-NATO, as well as pro-Putin and Eurasianist agendas. In this remarkable book, Bjerknes correctly predicted the subsequent events of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville on August 12, 2017 and the Antifa versus White Nationalist street battles which took place in 2020. In his blog, his videos and in interviews, Bjerknes was the first to expose the Russian support for Donald Trump’s candidacy for President. Bjerknes was also the first person to disclose the Chabad Lubavitch connections to Trump, Putin and Netanyahu. Bjerknes also predicted Trump’s subsequent attacks on the NATO Alliance and America’s allies in Asia, and the fact that Russians were attempting to drive Greece and Turkey out of NATO, so that Putin could not only reconstitute the Soviet Union, but expand it in such a way as to isolate the West from Middle Eastern energy supplies while turning the massive Turkish military against the West. The Russian connections to Ayn Rand, Libertarians and Murray Rothbard and the many Russian apologists aligned to them are also discussed, as are their Russian inspired attempts to Balkanize America through secessionist movements and to undermine confidence in the American dollar. Christopher Jon Bjerknes plans to publish a second part which will examine the effectiveness of his model of Putin’s ambitions, tactics, strategy and alliances that enabled Bjerknes to correctly forecast many future events. Part II will also expose the subsequent history of Putin’s attacks on the West, his continued subversion of public opinion to favor his Communist agenda, and what Putin plans to do next.



Einstein’s own words and deeds prove that he was a virulent and genocidal racist.



Ludwig Lange went mad in his quest for recognition of his theory of the inertial system, which Einstein and his friends plagiarized. Lange eventually died in an insane asylum.



Provides extensive documentation and verifiable proof that the leaders of the Young Turks were Jews, crypto-Jews and Freemasons. The orchestrators and top officials of the Armenian Genocide were demonstrably Jewish, including Talaat Pasha, Djavid Bey, Emmanuel Carasso and Mustafa Kemal Ataturk.



Jewish communists created the international system of “Mutually Assured Destruction” (MAD). It and the Israeli “Samson Option” threaten to destroy all human life in fulfillment of messianic prophecy.



Einstein used his ill-gotten fame to promote racist Zionism around the world. Prominent scientists united to oppose the fraud. Einstein hypocritically changed the subject to “anti-Semitism” to avoid legitimate criticism of his plagiarism, sophistry and self-aggrandizement.






Volume III





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