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E=mc2 and the Jewish Agenda by Christopher Jon Bjerknes - Printer's Proof from the Author's Private Collection of this Banned Book

Extremely rare specimen from the author’s own collection. The printer’s proof of E=mc2 AND THE JEWISH AGENDA by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. This was the first book by Christopher Jon Bjerknes to be officially banned and taken out of print! Not many copies were printed before it disappeared from the new book market. This printer’s proof is rarer still than those scarce copies and represents a significant historic example of a banned book and proof of the censorship Bjerknes has faced throughout his career as an author tackling taboo subjects. Read what they don’t want you to know!

Please note that the book has a slight manufacturing flaw on the front cover which is shown in the images. It is otherwise in excellent condition.


The price is $2,500 USD. Contact:


The price is $2,500 USD. Contact:

Albert Einstein the Incorrigible Plagiarist by Christopher Jon Bjerknes - Handmade Galley Copy from the Author's Private Collection

Rarest of the rare! Straight from the author’s own collection, handmade galley copy of ALBERT EINSTEIN THE INCORRIGIBLE PLAGIARIST by Christopher Jon Bjerknes. In 2002, the author himself printed and bound this well preserved specimen of his first published book. He has since gone on to achieve international fame for it and his many other groundbreaking works on Albert Einstein’s plagiarism and other taboo subjects, but this was the original, highly-controversial book that propelled Bjerknes into the public spotlight and forever changed the public perception of Einstein by revealing the carefully hidden history of the theory of relativity. Don’t miss the opportunity to own this gem! Includes author’s letter of authenticity.

The price is $5,000 USD. Contact:
The price is $5,000 USD. Contact:
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